What is Qi?

Qi energy is our life force. It is the invisible power that creates and sustains all life. We receive Qi energy only once in our life time, at the time of conception when our Father’s yang energy meets our Mother’s yin energy, we call this original Qi. This union of yin and yang creates our vital life force to sustain us until our physical life is over.

Our life is created by original Qi and supported by nature’s energy. The two can be described as our battery and fuel, Qi is our battery and nature’s energy is our fuel. We absorb nature’s energy from food, water, air and sunlight, this is the energy our body uses to run and carry out daily tasks.

The human body has a network of energy channels carrying Qi to all our organs and cells, keeping us healthy and full of vitality. Qi is responsible for the communication of information between all the systems of the body. However due to hectic lifestyles our Qi is being drained more quickly. People comment that despite a healthy diet and enough rest and exercise they still feel tired, this is often because they have depleted their reserve of Qi and the battery has become flat. When we receive Qi energy we can recharge our battery.

We are born with a finite quota of Qi that should last until the end of our lives. Depending on how we live our lives, the amount of Qi can be used up very quickly or last for a longer time. Generally we are using too much Qi – energy that can’t be replaced by the food, water or air taken into our body’s.

At Qi Wellness our aim is to help people regain energy levels that enable them to feel happier, more vibrant and more connected to the world around them.