Qi classes are based on an eastern philosophy which understands that good health depends on the balance between body, mind and spirit. Through classes you can learn how to receive Qi and release both physical and emotional energy blockages.

The classes involve chanting, slow movements and meditation where you work through a series of steps, designed to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body.

The chanting is used to open the energy channels. This is followed by movements to circulate energy to all organs and systems of the body. Each class finishes with meditation helping you to clear the mind of emotions and stress, supporting the body’s self-healing ability. Our practitioners are there to guide and support you during the classes.

Qi classes are suitable for all ages and physical conditions. You can progress at your own pace doing as many classes per week as you wish. The more regularly you attend the more energy you receive!

Many people have experienced significant health improvements through a combination of Qi treatments and classes.qi wellness