The Team | Qi Wellness

The Qi Wellness Team support people around the world with Qi energy. Our practitioners are trained in South Korea and have a daily practice of training and chanting which enables them to share energy through treatments, classes and family healing.

We have three levels of practitioner, with varying years of experience.

The Principal Practitioner has over fifteen years experience. She is our Ancestor Healing Programme specialist and is able to identify and help you understand the inherited energy patterns that may be adversely affecting your life. She is able to work with you offering emotional support and spiritual guidance in order for you to attain greater health and harmony.

The Senior Practitoners have the sensitivity and insight to help you understand your own energy system and how to make improvements. They are able to transmit powerful Qi energy and can help you make changes to support your wellbeing and personal growth.

The Qi Practitioners are able to give powerful treatments re-energising your body with Qi. They are able to introduce our holistic method and how it can help you improve your life.