Qi Wellness Philosophy

What most of us want in life is to find love, happiness, health and inner peace, but they are not easy to achieve in this modern world.

Stress, a negative mind and lack of energy are some of the obstacles that prevent us from achieving these goals. What can we do to overcome these obstacles?

For physical health every cell in our body needs to receive nutrients. Nutrients are carried by the blood and blood is carried by energy – Qi energy. What moves Qi is the mind.

Most fundamental of all is learning to balance the mind, as it is the link between the spiritual and physical and plays the most important role in ensuring our wellbeing.

Qi energy – our life force is the foundation of a healthy body, mind and spirit and is what holds them in harmony and unites them as one.

At Qi Wellness Centres our aim is to help people recharge body and mind as well as brighten the spirit with Qi energy. This gives the wisdom and vitality needed to lead a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.