Ancestor healing is a unique healing method that helps to change the adverse energy patterns inherited from our ancestor’s that can impact on our health and well-being.

Life is the union of spirit, mind and body that we can compare to water in its three states of solid, liquid and gas. The atoms that combine to make water, H20, never disappear, they merely vibrate at different frequencies. When we die our physical body returns to the earth but our spirit remains, like the gaseous state of water, invisible but eternal. Both solid and liquid can melt and evaporate, but the hydrogen and oxygen atoms never disappear.

According to our state of mind during our life our spirit becomes brighter or darker and our health improves or degenerates. Death is the separation of our spirit and body, when our mind ceases to function as the connection between the two. When we die we merely leave our body behind, and our mind and spirit become one. Therefore the state of our mind at the time of death, determines the brightness of our spirit.

Essential to life we must work on our mind clearing negative emotions and attachments, ensuring that at the end of our life the frequency of our mind does not darken our spirit. With a mind full of love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude the spirit becomes brighter.

Ancestors who have passed away in a brighter state are able to support our lives positively however those who have died with emotional, physical pain and trauma can actually have a negative impact on any aspect of our lives, be it health, luck, money or relationships.

The purpose of ancestor healing is to help ancestors release their pain and attachments enabling their spirit to become brighter. They are then able to positively influence our lives and that of future generations.