The basic ancestor healing programme consists of five ceremonies over a twenty four day period. The ceremonies provide a method to purify the ancestors’ spirit through chanting. The special chants transmit Qi to help change the ancestors’ frequency, elevating them to a brighter state.

Some of the chants are chanted together, while chants specifically for healing the ancestors are recited by the leading practitioner.

Food, fruit, flowers and wine are prepared as part of the ceremony and offered to show gratitude and respect. Each ceremony lasts approximately an hour and a half.

People often feel much lighter after the ceremonies as the ancestors’ energy becomes brighter and more purified. At least one family member should attend every ceremony at a Centre or online.

There are different ancestor healing programmes which are relevant to different people. Please email to book an ancestor healing consultation and find out which programme is best suited to you.

Ancestor Healing is a spiritual practice, originating from ancient traditions of respecting and honouring ancestors. Qi Wellness and its practitioners do not claim that this programme can be used to prevent illness or disease.