Qi Classes

In the East there is an invisible power or force that creates life.
They call it Qi or chi, which we translate as energy.

Qi energy treatments

What is it?

Qi Treatment is a powerful energy healing treatment which helps you rebalance and revitalise body and mind.

It originates from South Korea from ancient oriental wisdom, and helps promote the body’s own natural healing ability.

​How does it work:​

Following similar principles to acupuncture, but without using needles, specially trained Qi practitioners press acupressure points all over the body to stimulate energy and blood flow, whilst using a natural breathing technique. This treatment is effective to help support body and mind.

It is suitable for all ages, received fully clothed and can support the recovery from different symptoms and health conditions.

Your first Qi treatment includes a wellbeing consultation and energy assessment.


Good for the body



"Qi Energy Treatment (pronounced key) is the perfect time and sanity saving tonic. I came out feeling incredibly high and happy, definitely the best treatment I have ever had"   


Health & Fitness Magazine

Good for the mind